What’s the difference between Loan Risk and Business Risk reports?

The analytical functionality of these reports are actually identical, although Loan Risk is from the “lender’s” perspective, while Business Risk is from the “business owner’s” or “business advisor’s” perspective. This changes only the tabs available to the right of the initial financial tab, including “Subjective Evaluation and Suggested Rates” and “Industry Subjective Evaluation”. In the Loan Risk analysis, these tabs give a suggestive interest rate for lenders based on the financial performance, and perceived values entered into the aforementioned two tabs. This base rate could be set from My Account available in the top right of IndustriusCFO. For the Business Risk analysis, a “Risk Score” is given, which works quite like any standard academic grading scale: 70% is barely passing, 80% is better, 90% is more optimum and so forth. These Risk Scores could be compared against other Risk Scores achieved by other Statements from other operating periods, etc. Note: you can enter the “what-if” scenarios from either of these reports, by selecting any Key Performance Indicator’s title.

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