I’ve generated an Industry Metrics report. I see data in tabular format. How do I view data in graphical format?

12A. When you’re in the Income Statement, Balance Sheet, and Financial Ratio tabs (including Cash Flow for a Four Years report), you’ll see buttons below the navigation tabs allowing you to toggle between Table and Chart/Graphical views. Select between these two to view data in these formats, respectively.


Note: There are three tiers of charts; the first you see will be a bar-chart showing data according to major account categories. When hovering over any account category bar-section, a pop-up pie-chart will appear, showing data as it pertains to more itemized accounts within that account category. When clicking any account category bar-section, a pop-up bar-graph chart will appear showing data as it pertains to the itemized accounts across each column in the report. The Financial Ratios allow customizable charts in three panels. Choose your ratio of interest; assign it to appear as a Column or Line using the “C” or “L” button, respectively.

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