What’s the difference between the “Industry Metrics One Year” and “Industry Metrics Four Years” reports?

The “Industry Metrics One Year” report uses only the last available financial year of data available. It is ideal as company-size trend comparative, as it displays industry trends for Small, Medium, and Large company sizes. Trends from the smallest 25% of companies (based on Net Sales) will appear in the “Small” column, medium 50% of companies appear in the “Medium” column, and the largest 25% of companies appear in the “Large” column. You’ll also find an “All” company aggregate column. This report is ideal for comparing trends between different company sizes. A “Industry Metrics Four Years” report will use the last four years of financial data available, with each column containing trends over each of the last four years respectively. This report also contains a “Cash Flow” analysis showing trends between each of the last four years. This report is ideal as a longitudinal analysis of trends occurring in your industry of interest through time.

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