From the Liquidity, Profitability and Growth “what-if” scenario-modeling reports, the dynamic fields already have values in them. Are these suggestions in improvement and can I change them?

IndustriusCFO will, by default, suggest a value of 10% change for each of your “what-if” scenario dynamic fields. You could modify these any way you’d like, using the guiding industry data below each benchmarking graphical display. Each method calculates an impact independently from the others, compounding at the end or Tab 3 of the report. Note: If not actually modeling a change for a given method, remove the 10% default value and replace it with a 0 to ensure the compound effect does not reflect measure you don’t intend to model.


The Liquidity (including Asset Efficiency measures), Profitability and Growth “what-if” scenario-modeling reports will all have measures that affect that analyses primary indicator. For Liquidity, it is Net Balance Position (NBP), Profitability it is Return on Asset Investment (ROAI), and for Growth, it is Sustainable Growth Rate (SGR).

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