When entering a Statement, I completed the Income Statement and attempt to “Save and Exit”, the system produced an Alert “!” stating, “Total Assets should be positive.” I don’t yet have my Balance Sheet data, how do I save the work I’ve entered?

IndustriusCFO requires both Income Statement & Balance Sheet data to run the majority of its available analyses. Both Net Sales and Total Assets are required fields when adding a statement. Note: If you don’t currently have Balance Sheet data and wish to “Save and Exit” and return later to enter Balance Sheet data, the work-around would be to proceed “Next” into the Balance Sheet section of Statement entry, and simply key in a positive placeholder into “Total Current Assets” or any Asset field. You could then “Save and Exit”. To return to your Statement, select your Company, observe your entered Statement(s), and selecting the downward-facing arrow to the left of the Statement you wish to modify. Select “Edit” and complete your Statement entry.

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